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by George Sapio

Comedic drama. Three sisters, one husband, one dead mother, and The Past, which refuses to stay there. Between cooking, secrets, misunderstandings, and years of sibling dynamics, is it possible to reach not just a detente, but an understanding?

Fall Creek Studios, March 2013

Post-workshop limited production

by George Sapio

CRITICS' PICK: ‘08 Cincinnati Fringe

Three-year-old Billy stays home all day, gets his diapers changed, sleeps in a crib, his mommy cooks his dinner every night, tells him nursery rhymes, and he gets to look out the window and color in his books all he wants. Except...Billy is actually thirty years old; he’s never been out of the apartment. His “mommy” is actually his older brother. The babysitter is a grad student. Her thesis topic is Billy. But she hasn’t mentioned that fact yet.

Published by Broadway Play Publishing

Youtube Clip

CityBeat review

The Conveyor review

by George Sapio

Historical comedic drama. Think you know the story of Richard III? This is a revisionist look at one of England's most notorious kings, packed with comedy, gambling ghosts, an overworked executioner, and sportscasted battles! Remaining as close to the historical facts as possible, Kynges Games chronicles the major events in Richard's life and offers a theory regarding one of England's major mysteries.

Performed at the Kitchen Theatre, Ithaca, NY, March 2005

by Nick Ryan 

Two brothers and a scarecrow. The kind of thing you tell around a campfire. When it's really dark.

Community School of Music and Arts, Ithaca. October 2016

by George Sapio 

Evening of six short plays

Community School of Music and Arts, Ithaca. September 2016

by George Sapio 

The editor of an alumni magazine prints a first-hand essay from a distinguished student about three months spent in an occupied territory. Pro-occupation factions in the board of trustees begin to work against her, and she is forced to defend her decision to print and the student’s right to write about what she saw. 

Lifelong / August 2017

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