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2023 Play Opportunity

Onstage/Offstage ( is looking for several 10-12 minute plays to produce and air on its podcast.

This year there are TWO OPPORTUNITIES:

1 - Our annual themed opportunity (see below); and,

2 - Inspired by Halloween, an opportunity for A SCARY PLAY THAT INCLUDES A GHOST.

****Submissions are welcome by email ONLY from 12:01AM MONDAY, JANUARY 2 to 11:59PM FRIDAY, JANUARY 20****


The 2023 opportunity theme is “EXPLORATION.” Three characters maximum. Plays must include a journey, and the protagonist must end up somewhere different than where they started and changed irrevocably. Spiritual/emotional growth could very well be a factor. Comedies and dramas welcome. **No monologues.**

The Halloween play must include a ghost who has dialogue. Could be funny. Could be terrifying.


Selected plays will be broadcast on WRFI 88.1 Ithaca Community Radio and podcasted at and iTunes on a date TBD of Onstage/Offstage's choosing.


Send submissions to Email header must read as:
OSOS 2023 (EXPLORATION or HALLOWEEN) SUBMISSION / Playwright Name ​/ Play Name, e.g.:
OSOS 2023 EXPLORATION SUBMISSION / Shakespeare / Hamlet Goes to New Jersey . . . or
OSOS 2023 HALLOWEEN SUBMISSION / Shakespeare / Hamlet's Dad Has an Ear Infection


Selected plays will be cast, rehearsed, and recorded by Onstage/Offstage artists.


**Playwrights will be required to do a short interview to accompany their play.**

Please make sure your play is suitable for a reading, and remember that this will be aired on public radio!

Do not submit plays that require extensive reading of stage directions. The work should be overwhelmingly dialogue;

-Has your play been produced before? WE DON'T CARE. Send it.

-THREE (3) characters maximum;

-No excessive language. Not that we are against strong language in a work, but we have to bleep it for broadcast. It remains au naturel for the podcast;

-Plays must be 10-12 MINUTES in length;

-Plays MUST BE IN PDF FORMAT with playwright contact and cast/tech/set info on cover page, and pages numbered. (You'd be surprised. No, really, you would.)

-ONE play per playwright;

-By submitting your work, you agree that Onstage/Offstage may produce, air, and host your work on its website ( You will have prominent credit.

We exuberantly encourage the voices of people of color and members of the LGBTQIA+ community to submit their work.

Address submissions and inquiries to:

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